Coursework writing steps – Everything you need to know for coursework writing

Coursework writing steps:

I am an English teacher and I educate at a school where the students that belong in the eighth grade are reading and writing at a fifth-grade level. That doesn’t discourage me. No matter what age, when, and where an individual learns to write, writing in general is a very vital aspect of education that one needs to master in order to be taken seriously in today’s society. In order to help you I prepares some courseework writing steps that might help you:

First Step: Figure out what you will be writing about. What is the prompt? Will you have to brainstorm ideas on a separate sheet of paper or will you have to do extra research on this particular topic/subject?

Second Step: EVERY piece of coursework needs a title in quotations and with proper capitalization in that title.

Third Step: Let’s begin the writing process.

  • Intention: Every paragraph needs to be indented at the start of each chuck, if you will, of the essay or article. It is as simple as pressing the “Tab” button on your keyboard once, or by tapping the “space bar” 3-5 times. Just remember that each indention of each paragraph needs to be lined up.
  • Every paragraph needs to have a MINIMUM of 5 sentences in order for it to be a paragraph. If you are writing and only have 4 sentences or less, do not indent.
  • There are technically 5 paragraphs in a proper, well-written essay.

Coursework writing. Standard coursework plan:

  1. Introduction Paragraph- must have a thesis statement present that sets the tone for the reader
  2. Body Paragraph-First round of knowledge that you have on the subject/topic.
  3. Body Paragraph- Second round of knowledge that you have on the subject/topic.
  4. Body Paragraph- Third round of knowledge that you have on the subject/topic.
  5. Conclusion Paragraph-You are indicating that the essay is over as you briefly conclude by mentioning key points that the reader has read through your essay or article.

Note: In MANY cases, you are allowed to write more than just three body paragraphs.

Fourth Step and last step of coursework writing process

Self-edit your work.

*It is very important that when you are finished composing your beautiful work of words that you go back once – I recommend at least three times- and edit your work. You can even ask a trusted colleague, friend, or peer to edit your work in order to provide constructive criticism and feedback.

Check for proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and capitalization.

Writing gets a bit more complicated when using dialogue, or including a quote or passage from another author’s work. Also, if you are including the title of a novel, show, movie, poem, etc., then you can either use the title of the work in quotations (” “), or you can italicize the title in order for someone else’s work to stand out.

Overall, writing, depending on the coursework takes time to master and to learn, but you are capable of becoming an efficient writer with time. Because there are so many different writing styles, I suggest doing some background research based on what you are aiming for in particular.

The fundamentals of writing will take you farther than you planned or imagined. I hope with those short tips that you are well on your way.

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